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How to play life..

The controls of the game are as follows:

Arrow Keys - Depending on which one you hit is the way your character moves.
Enter - Used to pick up items on the map or to chat.
Shift - Holding down shift and using the arrow keys makes you run.
Ctrl - Using this key will let you attack.
Insert - When you double click on a spell it will memorize it, you use Insert to cast it when you select an enemy!
F1 - Brings up the Admin Panel with many commands on it.
F4 - This will open the Guild Create form.
F5 - Brings up the Guild Panel, this is where you can add players to you guild.
F11 - This will take a screenshot of the game client.
F12 - This will take a screenshot of the game screen only!
End - This will turn your character in place! (clockwise)


/trade (trade with other players)

/help (show wat normal comand are)

/party (make a party)
/join (join a party)
/leave (leave party)